“Arashi … …. What’s the matter?”
One in the room, Nowaki was reading a book. Maikaze is on duty and it is out.
Meanwhile, Arashi came to the room. Arashi lives in the same room as Hagikaze.
“Well, I wonder if Nowach is lonely”
“… …. Hello, Arashi is lonesome, is not it?”
“Because I am older sister this way, I can understand that much”
Nowaki knew. Like Maikaze, Hagikaze was going on an expedition.
While blushing, enter the room and sit on the bed of Maikaze.
Spread and play the game you had in hand.
“Why did you come here?”
“It’s impossible for me to have a real loneliness when the sound of the room’s game echoes alone, if there’s nothing there, is not it like that?”
“I’d like to concentrate on books ….”
And, in the mouth saying, Nowaki himself was missing too.
So tell me the irony and hide it even a little. Because of its insensitivity, Arashi seemed unaware of it.
“Nowach what are you reading?”
“Detective Novel”
“Hmm … ….”
“Do not ask me if you are not interested.”
“Well, it was funny if you read a book that you read”
“There is this mystery novel, sensual scene”
“Oh, really, what kind of !?”
“You are lying, stupid”
While silent, it will silence again.
In the room where the sound of the hands of the clock and the sound effect of a typical game endlessly flow.
Because it was the same posture, Nowaki stretches while holding a book.
“Whoa … ….”
“What’s going on, Nowach, put out strange voice”
“Oh, shoulder patch!”
I spinning my neck and turning my arms as well, I heard a sound.
It was loud enough to know Arashi on the side.
“Nowach, as if you were an uncle”
“Mum, who is the uncle?”
Now that says so, Nowaki gazes at the book.
Arashi who noticed it also turned his eyes back to the game screen. Then, there was an indication that the character who was manipulating to the gap which had been looking a little was dead.
“Oh no, it’s dead, it’s because of Nowach”
“Now, do it in your own room”
“Because it is selfish … ….”
Look up at the ceiling. Close the game and see Nowaki.
I have not noticed, Nowaki did not mind keeping reading the book. Arashi wants you to notice Nowaki with your eyes just looking at you.
“… ….”
“… …. Haa, what anymore, Arashi”
“Oh, what is it?”
“… … Do you want to give up?”
“Say, Saia”
“It’s not frank,”
Rising quickly, I walked towards Arashi.
Although Arashi is able to swim eyes, she is impatient with the face approaching Nowaki.
“Well, I am, but good.”
“Because it’s nowach, that’s fine”
“Well good”
Arashi slowly take a deep breath, hold the arms of Nowaki and hold it.
Nowaki responded to it, putting his hands on his back, calming Tanton and Arashi.
That act is strangely embarrassing, Arashi fills the face in Nowaki’s chest.
“It is not as good as Hagikaze”
“This is fine with this”
“This is it …”
I was amazed, Nowaki caught the head of Arashi.
Nowaki and Arashi. Nowaki is my sister and Arashi is my sister. When we are together with four-wheel drive, I forget to forget about it.
Due to the character of Arashi and that Arashi is upwards, it rarely gives way like this.
There are no Maikaze and Hagikaze. That is why now, two sister ship.
“…… Nowach”
“Please call me Nowaki at about such time”
“Nowaki ”
“… I love you”
“… Yes, yes”
Despite being amazed, Nowaki was embarrassed. I do not want to see a face desperately to embrace it so that it will not be bald.
Because it will be bald if seen. Arashi of flowing water also senses it and forcibly separates it.
Now Nowaki fell on Arashi’s chest.
“Already, you idiot … … I like it,”
“Ha ha, Nowach is going well.””
“hmm… because your older sister”
Reversing, Arashi caresses the head of Nowaki.
Nowaki is not used to being stroked. The hairstyle is also complicated, I did not like too much to touch the hair in the first place.
So, fresh. That is why embarrassment has increased.
“……, Nowach When it’s two people, is always, always … is it good?”
“Yeah … good.”
Fill loneliness.
It was just that much of an act. Nothing is wrong, just supporting each other.
And yet, I want to do it again, I want to become like this, I will make a mouthful saying from that feeling.
“… … promised”
The two persons exchanged guidance and they gradually became frank little by little.